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She Can Haz IMF

The new head of the IMF:

A divorced mother of two, she likes to trumpet womanhood as an asset in the world of finance.

"I think we inject less libido," she said during an October interview with Christiane Amanpour on ABC's This Week. "And less testosterone into the equation. ... It helps in the sense that we don't necessarily project our egos into cutting a deal."

I've studied economics, mathematics and history and not once did it occur to me that the modern financial woes of the world somehow stemmed from too much testosterone.

Anyway, glad to know that that problem is no longer an issue.

Link via The Thinking Housewife.


Francis W. Porretto

The demonization and marginalization of men, and of the traditionally masculine virtues, continues apace.

Isaac Schrödinger

Which goes to show just how ignorant / dumb these people are. They attack the virtues that have built Western Civilization.

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