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The Oppression!

Code Monkey Ramblings:

It's common sense that if you don't want to be raped, you don't dress like a slut and put yourself around strange men. This would be equally true for rich white guys who want to travel through a bad part of town with a lot of money on them. Nature cares nothing for your "freedom." Put yourself in the path of a predator, behave like prey and you can expect depredation. That is pure causality.

A few weeks ago, the topic of the slut walk came up during lunch at my workplace. The other four people at the table, one guy and three gals, were in support of it. They mocked and ridiculed the cop who had told an audience to avoid rape by not dressing like sluts. I wasn't surprised.

It seems that common sense is not very common.



Yep. Only thing the Muslims got right was the Burqa. Well, that and keeping your 4 wives locked up in the house. Preach it, Isaac!

Isaac Schrödinger

You think that the options are binary?

1. Burqa-clad women.
2. Slutting it up women.

Anyhow, I'm describing the risk inherent in the second option: There are evil men who will target you. Why not minimize the risk?

Women are, of course, free to do as they will.


I think the attitude is binary. You're inherently no different than the Australian Imam who compared women to "uncovered meat" and argued that they should wear a burqa lest they tempt men into raping them. It's the same attitude, the same mindset, regardless of the specific claims and "solutions" being proposed.

There's more rape per capita in Saudi Arabia than there is on any nudist beach in Europe. Those of us who have overcome the misogynistic brainwashing of our childhood upbringing can look at the stats and point out that there's no correlation between rape and clothing. Whereas those who haven't will always assume that the woman did something to "deserve it".

Francis W. Porretto

Alex, has anyone told you recently that you're an idiot?

To put oneself in harm's way for no good reason deliberately, as if there were no alternatives, is stupid. No, such a woman doesn't "deserve" to be raped. No one does -- and only the prevalence of idiots such as yourself makes it necessary to say so to establish one's bona fides as a decent member of the human race. But such a woman is displaying either a monumental lack of good sense or a desire to test the odds. While it's obligatory to condemn her assailant, it's equally obligatory, for the sake of other womens' safety if nothing else, to catechize her, in public, for having done something so idiotic!

The universe has very strict, self-enforcing laws. One of those laws is that he who courts disaster over and over again will sooner or later be rewarded with a disaster. You can argue it out with God if you disagree.


"Alex, has anyone told you recently that you're an idiot?"

Yeah, I hear it from retards on a daily basis. Cheers!

Classical Liberal

Well, this raises an interesting point. While many assume that scantily dressed/sluttily dressed women are more likely to be the target of a rapist, is there any imperical evidence to that effect? Does it vary by culture? Is a women dressed in what a wahabi (spelling?) thinks is a slutty fashion more likely to be raped in Saudi Arabia than a women wearing whatever those black sacks are called? Is a women dressed like a ho in Toronto or Seattle more likely to be raped than a modestly dressed woman? Is there any hard data?


Myth: Rape victims provoke the attach by wearing provocative clothing

- Most convicted rapists do not remember what their victims were wearing.
- Victims range in age from days old to those in their nineties, hardly provocative dressers.
- A Federal Commission on Crime of Violence Study found that only 4.4% of all reported rapes involved provocative behavior on the part of the victim. In murder cases 22% involved such behavior (as simple as a glance).

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