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A Slight Cultural Incompatibility

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Most Muslims surveyed would answer, "THE JOOOOS" in answer to the question in the title here.

Seriously, it's a very interesting post. It reminds me of a wretched woman at my workplace who once went to India to visit her relatives. Her teenage daughter upon witnessing grinding poverty for the first time gasped and asked, "Why mom, why! How can God be so cruel!? Waaaaah."

Her logic boiled down to: The world is not nice. Ergo, God is evil -- which quickly morphs into God doesn't exist.



"Her logic boiled down to: The world is not nice. Ergo, God is evil -- which quickly morphs into God doesn't exist."

Not the approach I would have taken, but a perfectly logical one nonetheless. If you claim your god is omnipotent, omni-present, and omni-benevolent, then the existence of suffering proves that your god does not exist. In order to excuse suffering, you need to abandon one of those omnis. That's why the Jewish god is more believable than the Christian god; the Jews admit that he's an amoral asshole who pretty much does whatever he feels like doing, while the Christians try to pretend that he's "like, OMG, the nicest guy EVAR!".

Of course, given the state of the world, the Greek or Norse gods are far more believable than any monotheistic religion. Th]e existence of Loki, in particular, would go a long way towards explaining things ...

Classical Liberal

Well, I'm no Christian apologist, but Christians have a number of explanations for the existance of evil in the world. Whether or not you find those explanations satisfactory is another question.


Whether you find those explanations satisfactory is THE question. Anyone can make up an "explanation" for anything.


The Christian God is not 'omni-benevolent'. Not sure where you came up with that idea, but it's not a doctrine of any church I've ever been in. God wants to be reconciled to humanity, but is very plain that this only happens to those that follow him, and even then states that not everything will be easy.

Any God that could possibly create the Universe would be an incredibly complex individual. It's amusing to me those that would pigeonhole him so easily when most of us can't even understand the thought processes of our friends and family.


See, there's the rub; any time I make ANY comment about the christian god, there's some twit who's going to jump up and scream "THATS NOT WHAT WE BELIEVE". With 30,000 different denominations of christianity, it's difficult to avoid that situation.

Here, educate yourself:

Now if YOU believe that your god is a dick, well, that's a step in the right direction. But there's no question that most christians disagree with you.

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