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ODI no. 3148: India v Sri Lanka

Tendulkar didn't get his century but right now India is cruising towards victory. For the first time in ten World Cups, the host nation will be victorious!

Spare a thought for Jayawardene. For the first time, a batsman scores a beautiful hundred in the World Cup final and his team will end up losing!

India need 35 runs off 36 balls with six wickets intact.

Update: 30 off 30. Sri Lanka need a miracle.

Update: 5 off 12. It'll be over soon.

Update: India defeated Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to become the world champions. MS Dhoni ought to be the Man of the Match.

What a great tournament for Sachin Tendulkar. It has been a long two decades of cricket for him. And near the end (or perhaps the very end?) his team has won the ultimate title.

Update: MS Dhoni is Man of the Match and Yuvraj Singh is the Player of the Tournament. Both were at the crease when the winning runs were scored.

A glorious World Cup final for India and a sad, second successive final defeat for Sri Lanka.

After ten World Cups, Australia have four titles, the Asian giants have won a combined four and the once-great West Indies two.

The other "big" teams, namely England, New Zealand and South Africa, just can't seem to perform at the highest level at a World Cup.


Tambi Dude

Dhoni's inngs will never be forgotten.


Congratulations India, you fielded well, you batted well, you got the right approach onto how to chase the target. Dhoni has made appropriate changes at the right time specially promoting himself on top order. Congratulations from Pakistan.

Tambi Dude

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