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No Love for Veena

Tambi Dude emailed me this link last week. From the description of that video:

If we are going to avoid a clash of civilisations, we are going to need many more like the Pakistani actress Veena Malik. Watch her take on a mullah, who is trying to accuse her of immoral behaviour. This is no small accusation in Pakistan where Islamist death squads and their collaborators in the state intelligence service, operate at will.

Veena Malik is a brave woman but ultimately she is wrong. She correctly mentioned to the mufti that he had violated Islamic law by looking at her when she wasn't wearing a burqa or an abaya. But there's the problem: Had she also not violated Islamic law by mingling with non-relatives (who're also infidels!) while not wearing the properly sanctioned clothes?

She is trying to bring a bit of moderation to Pakistan. She wants to show the rest of the world that Pakistanis are not blood thirsty, suicide-loving savages. And yet, it's her own countrymen, her own religious group, that publically humiliates and shames her for merely hugging an infidel on camera.

I hope she is unscathed during this ordeal.


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