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The technology that makes your smart phone's display screen fast, bright and lightweight could be coming to your television or laptop, thanks to a new type of light emitting transistor created by University of Florida researchers.

I've been waiting to see this for a few years. Sony has already introduced an OLED monitor but at the low price of $25,499 it's not going mainstream.

Link via Instapundit.

All You Need is Sharia

The Muslim Brotherhood thinks that Islam is the answer to price inflation. This makes perfect sense because Islam is always the answer regardless of the question! As Robert Spencer points out:

Of course Islam is an economic solution, because in the Qur'an, obedience to Allah brings prosperity. So if Egypt is suffering economic woes, it is because it is not Islamic enough. And if Egypt does become an Islamic state and still doesn't prosper, the Jews are always there to blame.

It's a win-win!

A Slight Cultural Incompatibility

The Sun:

A MUSLIM actress has caused a storm by posing naked for Playboy.

Sila Sahin has been branded a "whore" and a "western slut" after appearing topless on the cover of the German edition of the men's magazine.

Some nice comments from a Muslim in Germany:

A kebab shop owner, asked on German TV what he would do if Sila were his daughter, replied: "I would kill her. I really mean that. That doesn't fit with my culture."

Of course. Such Muslims move to the West to enjoy a life of luxury and liberty and yet in their hearts they support evil which if put into action would destroy their new life. They love the fruits but want to burn the infidel forest.

The Morning Star

Most Muslims surveyed would answer, "THE JOOOOS" in answer to the question in the title here.

Seriously, it's a very interesting post. It reminds me of a wretched woman at my workplace who once went to India to visit her relatives. Her teenage daughter upon witnessing grinding poverty for the first time gasped and asked, "Why mom, why! How can God be so cruel!? Waaaaah."

Her logic boiled down to: The world is not nice. Ergo, God is evil -- which quickly morphs into God doesn't exist.

No Love for Veena

Tambi Dude emailed me this link last week. From the description of that video:

If we are going to avoid a clash of civilisations, we are going to need many more like the Pakistani actress Veena Malik. Watch her take on a mullah, who is trying to accuse her of immoral behaviour. This is no small accusation in Pakistan where Islamist death squads and their collaborators in the state intelligence service, operate at will.

Veena Malik is a brave woman but ultimately she is wrong. She correctly mentioned to the mufti that he had violated Islamic law by looking at her when she wasn't wearing a burqa or an abaya. But there's the problem: Had she also not violated Islamic law by mingling with non-relatives (who're also infidels!) while not wearing the properly sanctioned clothes?

She is trying to bring a bit of moderation to Pakistan. She wants to show the rest of the world that Pakistanis are not blood thirsty, suicide-loving savages. And yet, it's her own countrymen, her own religious group, that publically humiliates and shames her for merely hugging an infidel on camera.

I hope she is unscathed during this ordeal.

You Can't Check Out

Compass Direct:

Two Muslim extremists in Somalia on Monday (April 18) murdered a member of a secret Christian community in Lower Shabele region as part of a campaign to rid the country of Christianity, sources said.

Jihad Watch:

Somehow these two "Muslim extremists" got the crazy idea that a Muslim who converted to Christianity should be killed.

There are over a billion people with such crazy ideas roaming around.

You Go Girls!

Hooking Up Smart:

Women’s gains have undeniably been at the expense of men. In an era where women have an unprecedented amount of “power, independence and clout,” men have lost a corresponding share. Today, there are often two dominant people in the bedroom. As women grow more dominant, they exceed the dominance of a significant percentage of the male population, leaving them with a much smaller pool of men they find attractive. Even feminists don’t want submissive males, which is why so many of them are perpetually single.

What a sad state of affairs.

The Curse of Credentials

100 Reasons Not to Go to Graduate School:

The problem is that the number of available jobs is vastly outnumbered by the number of people applying for them. There are simply too many PhDs produced every year for the higher education establishment to absorb them all, despite the absurd degree to which it has absorbed them into jobs that have nothing to do with traditional research and teaching. Today, universities hire doctors of philosophy to be in charge of their dormitories, alumni associations, and police departments.

I wanted to do a Master's degree in my field when I was an international student in Canada. I talked to a professor at my university who I respect very much. He was quite candid. He told me that the university has a certain number of spots, let's say 25, for Canadian students in that specific Master's program every year. However, there's one or maybe two spots for all international applicants in that program.

This meant that my competition would be mighty tough and indeed it was.

Later, I talked to him again. My grade in his advanced fourth-year course was an A+ and I didn't make the cut in the Master's program. Yet, in order to fill all the Canadian slots, the university had accepted a female student whose grade in the same required course was a B-. Usually, they rejected students who had below A- in that very important course.

I do wonder about the trajectory of my life had I been accepted ...

Link via Instapundit.

Extreme With Fine Print


The Extreme 105 Mbps service, which also offers up to 10 Mbps upload speeds, is available for new or existing customers at an introductory rate of $105 per month for 12 months as part of their Triple Play bundle.

Totally lame:

Of course, with that same 250 GB bandwidth cap still there, it just means that you can hit that limit faster than you could before.

My current connection is 5 Mbps down with unlimited bandwidth. To me, that's a superior service than what Comcast is offering.

Those Wily Chinese!


He works at a hard-drive repair center in a Russian town right next to the Chinese border. A couple of days ago a customer has brought a broken 500Gb USB-drive that he had bought in a Chinese store across the river, for an insanely low price. But the drive was not working: if you, say, save a movie onto the drive, playing the saved movie back resulted in replaying just the last 5 minutes of the film.

They've got a fantastic photo of the insides of the drive.

The Consistent Pencil

Tom's Guide:

Although this special writing utensil has been around for almost two years now, the Kuru Toga from Uni Mitsubishi Pencil Company has slipped by unnoticed, probably because it came dozens of years too late for anyone to really care.

I would have used it when I was in school and university if they had a 0.7 lead version of it.

No To Infidels

Asia News via Jihad Watch:

The Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy has been ill with chicken pox, probably because of the unhygienic conditions of the cell where she is kept. Christians concern for the growing violence against them. Bishop Rufin Anthony: "This Lent we pray for peace in Pakistan. A Pakistan where we can all live freely."

Most people can certainly live in Pakistan, just not freely.

Pakistan since its creation has been a monument to intolerance -- it was created for Muslims and its purpose is to be an Islamic state. The discrimination and persecution of non-Muslims has intensified over the years because as the numbers of non-Muslims dwindle it becomes easier for the Muslim thugs to harrass them.

They can pray for peace but prepare for worse.

Us Poor Canadians!

Financial Post:

Of the 24.5 million returns filed, 18 million Canadians reported total income of $50,000 or less. That’s not a typo. In other words, ignoring individuals who don’t file returns such as children, nearly 75% of tax-filing Canadians earned under $50,000 in total income in 2009.

Add another 5 million Canadians who reported total income of between $50,000 and $100,000 and you conclude that about 95% of individuals have income below $100,000 annually.

A prudent person can live comfortably on $50,000 in Canada. Too often it's the debt-powered spending that's the problem; not the income.

Premium BS

Vox Popoli:

it is a very good example of classic Gammathink, endowing the female sex with all sorts of nebulous wonders such as "an intuitive connection to the Earth" on the basis of nothing but pure pedestalization fantasies. The truth is that socio-sexual losers like these Conscious Men honor nothing but the possession of a vagina, the depths of which they are neither worthy nor likely to plumb.

Ouch. The embedded video there is filled with super-concentrated stupidity and it's unintentionally hilarious.

Not A Surprise

Tambi Dude left a comment with this link:

"In my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don't think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us," Afridi said during a talk show on Samaa news channel when he was asked about relations between the two countries.

That's the captain of the Pakistani cricket team. A non-Muslim has unclean hearts given his proper Islamic logic. Or as many Muslims learn: the kafir is dirty.

That Peaceful Religion Again

Associated Press via Jihad Watch:

A pair of Taliban suicide bombers struck one of Pakistan's most important Sufi Muslim shrines on Sunday, killing 42 people and wounding 100 who were celebrating the anniversary of its founder's death with music, meditation and other practices abhorred by Islamist militant groups.

What do the politicians say and what does the public believe?

Many Islamist politicians do not publicly criticize the militants, preferring to spread conspiracy theories that American or Indian agents are responsible. These views are widely aired, often uncritically, in some media.

Of course, most of the time, it's those evil JEWS -- who're always, tirelessly trying to make the angelic Muslims look bad.

How Do You Spell Appeasement?

Harry Reid via Instapundit:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told CBS's Bob Schieffer on Sunday that some members of Congress were considering some kind of action in response to the Florida Quran burning that sparked a murderous riot at a United Nations complex in Afghanistan and other mayhem.

What a useful infidel. Still, I've to admit: the Quran burning was silly. I would have used it as toilet paper. Why be wasteful?

An Instapundit reader emails in.

Reader J.M. Hanes writes: “You know, if Harry Reid weren’t defending the Koran and attacking hookers, I’d have completely forgotten he’s the Majority Leader. You’d almost think that Mitch McConnell was already running the show, wouldn’t you?”

This blog is anti-Quran and pro-hookers.

ODI no. 3148: India v Sri Lanka

Tendulkar didn't get his century but right now India is cruising towards victory. For the first time in ten World Cups, the host nation will be victorious!

Spare a thought for Jayawardene. For the first time, a batsman scores a beautiful hundred in the World Cup final and his team will end up losing!

India need 35 runs off 36 balls with six wickets intact.

Update: 30 off 30. Sri Lanka need a miracle.

Update: 5 off 12. It'll be over soon.

Update: India defeated Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to become the world champions. MS Dhoni ought to be the Man of the Match.

What a great tournament for Sachin Tendulkar. It has been a long two decades of cricket for him. And near the end (or perhaps the very end?) his team has won the ultimate title.

Update: MS Dhoni is Man of the Match and Yuvraj Singh is the Player of the Tournament. Both were at the crease when the winning runs were scored.

A glorious World Cup final for India and a sad, second successive final defeat for Sri Lanka.

After ten World Cups, Australia have four titles, the Asian giants have won a combined four and the once-great West Indies two.

The other "big" teams, namely England, New Zealand and South Africa, just can't seem to perform at the highest level at a World Cup.