Free Will
ODI no. 3128: India vs. South Africa

Prostrating Infidel, Rising Sharia

Raymond Ibrahim:

A jihad-waging, sharia-enforcing caliphate represents a permanent, existential enemy — not a temporal foe that can be bought or pacified through diplomacy or concessions. Such a caliphate is precisely what Islamists around the world are feverishly seeking to establish. Without active, preemptive measures, it is only a matter of time before they succeed.

The West won't change its behavior before then. For now, it's stuck in the appeasement stage. Just look at the whole Muhammad cartoon situation. So many newspapers and magazines -- self-proclaimed bastions of free speech -- censored themselves and refused to show the viewer exactly what the whole drama was about.

How can we resist the barbarians if we refuse to mock their idol?

I like bananas!


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