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Mike T left a link to my blog in the comments at What's Wrong With The World. Thanks!

However, the subject matter is very depressing: child abuse. I lived in Saudi Arabia for over a decade and in that time I attended a Pakistani school. Beatings at home and in the school were the norm.

In Darkness:

... the teacher had had enough. He got up. The entire class went silent. He went over to the student and started slapping him. The student covered his face. The teacher started to slap and punch him on the neck and the back with each hit more forceful than the last. The kid sitting next to the student got up from the desk and stepped away. The teacher kept on brutally beating the student. The student started crying and fell to the ground within the desk. The teacher grabbed the front of the desk with his left hand and the back with his right. He then started to kick the bawling student. He kicked him for about 20 seconds. He then went to his desk while swearing. No-one said a word.

The whole process of learning is associated with physical pain. Most of my classmates, myself included, would simply memorize material to avoid beatings. We didn't understand or comprehend much of anything.

This is one of the many reasons why the Muslim world is an intellectual wasteland.


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