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Vox Popoli:

Chivalry in the modern sense presumes that women are of intrinsically more value to men. This was true when most Western women were serious about fulfilling their primary role as propagators of mankind. But since women have by and large abandoned that role and given priority to their self-esteem, education, and occupation instead, there is no longer any justification for chivalric behavior applied broadly to the female sex in general. Each woman must be judged worthy or unworthy of such treatment on her own merits, and in the absence of any information, the assumption must be that she is unworthy.

A woman at my workplace was talking about the dating process last year. I vividly remember one thing that she said: You know, I'm a feminist, but when a guy takes you out on a date, he'd better pay.


Francis W. Porretto

A sociological version of natural selection is already operating on women afflicted with that attitude. To wit: they're getting old alone, and failing to reproduce at all. Consider Maureen Dowd as a prominent example thereof.

Of course, one of the consequences is a swelling trend toward anglo-exogamy: Anglo men steering ever more definitely toward non-Anglo women as romantic partners. There are bound to be side effects, and it's a law of nature that at least one side effect will be undesirable. But all things in their proper time and place; the survival of the Renaissance Civilization must take precedence.

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