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You're not really agreeing with that moron, are you? You want to criticize a woman for having the guts to place her life on the line in order to do her job? Should we, likewise, mock and insult female soldiers who get killed in the line of duty? Female cops who get attacked on the job? Female firefighters who burn to death while trying to save someone? He's not being witty, or insightful, or bravely challenging the "PC culture" - he's just a douchebag who will use any opportunity he can find to criticize women who dare to step outside their "traditional" role.

I'll grant you that some of the women who are attacking him are also acting like clueless halfwits, but that doesn't mean there's anything worth defending in his misogynistic rants.

Classical Liberal

Some years ago I had a friend who was in her mid-20s, tall, very shapely, and a natural redhead. Having just finished college, she was indoctrinated in all sorts of feminist nonsense. She majored in Romance languages and liked to hang out with Hispanics; she was very into Latin dance and actually taught it. On day she told me how she had to fight off a guy on the previous Saturday night. She had met a Cuban guy in his 40s and invited him back to her apartment after dancing, to talk. She was shocked that as they were sitting on her bed talking the guy jumped on her and wouldn't take no for an answer; only after pushing and screaming did he get off of her.

While I was relieved she was unhurt I said something like "what did you expect?" She immediately accused me of saying it was the victim's fault. I said, no, it was his fault, but not wise on your part. Consider his background, what does inviting him back to your room say to him? I tried analogies such as if I were to go to a really seedy part of town, dressed in a fancy suit, wearing a Rolex watch, and flashing a big wad of bills, if I got mugged it would be the criminals "fault" but would be pretty stupid on my part. I never did get through to her.

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