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Thom Hogan writes about the new Coolpix cameras from Nikon. He links to this atrocious photo on Nikon's website. If Hogan had simply provided the photo on his own site for viewing, then I would not have believed that Nikon was showcasing such an ugly, terrible shot.

NASA orders their cameras from Nikon. That's the prestige that Nikon has earned. However, with this new gear, though admittedly low-end, Nikon is diluting their brand name.



Yes, its' definitely a poor ad for Nikon. I have seen better ones when smartphones are reviewed.

But the I'm a Canon person myself ;-)

Isaac Schrödinger

Canon has had better gear than Nikon for many years in the point and shoot market.

However, if you have a DSLR from Canon, then it's difficult to decide which camera maker is 'better'.

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