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Kafir leaves a comment:

I am surprised that you can still support pak cricket team despite what goes on in that country and despite the pak cricket team being so religious.

I've been watching, following and reading about Pakistan cricket for twenty years. I do not think that by continuing to do so that I'm somehow supporting their views or religious beliefs. It has simply become a habit. The only manner in which I "support" them is by pointing out their idiocy and by commenting on their players and matches.

In a related way, my favorite music composer is a Muslim guy: A. R. Rahman. I've been listening to his music for over fifteen years. I've supported him more than any cricket team by buying dozens of his movie soundtracks. Am I supporting his views or beliefs if I buy stuff from him?

I'm unsure about where to draw a line. I just think that it doesn't go through cricket or music.


Francis W. Porretto

And there are undoubtedly atheists who are great admirers of Aaron Rodgers and Tim Tebow, for that matter. But your correspondent's complaint is part and parcel of our current immersion in Celebritarianism.


I agree. Stopping support for cricket team or composer because of their faith is crossing the line. Actually that makes you a true muslim who hate anything to do with Israel etc.

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