Even in 2011
The American Lost Decade Begins

Those Krazy Koreans

Indigo Jo:

Yesterday I was having a discussion with my aunt, who asked me if I had heard of Sarah Palin making that ridiculous statment about their North Korean “allies”. She was concerned that this would not harm her chances of becoming president in the least, because it fed into the American ignorance culture, in which a large proportion of voters will not think anything less of you if you don’t know much about what goes on outside America.


she was a huge asset to Barack Obama in the last election, as some people who would otherwise have voted for McCain did not like the idea of Palin being a heartbeat away from the presidency. They are unlikely to vote for this ridiculous woman after this gaffe.

Palin was an asset for McCain. Had he picked someone else, it's likely he would have lost by a larger margin. This gaffe was a slip of the tongue. She did correct her mistake and then later pointed out many errors that Obama has made which oddly didn't sway voters away from him.


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