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Classical Liberal provided this link:

Shock and protest reign in the Pakistani civil society. Naushad Valyani, a Muslim doctor in Hyderabad (Sindh province) was arrested for blasphemy in the last few days. His crime is to have snatched and thrown in the trash business cards from a sales representative, named Mohammad, who proposed the purchase of certain drugs.

OMG! Muhammad is selling drugs! If you buy, you'll get stoned; if you don't, you'll be stoned!

A person who worked in the international students office of my university told me a story about Muhammad. You see, a new international student needed some documents. He went to the office of the registrar and requested them. The lady working there asked for his last name.

"Muhammad," he said.

"Your first name?"

"Muhammad," he said.

The surprised woman, "Don't you people have other names?"

The emotionally shattered student went to the international students office and complained. They then talked to the woman about being "sensitive" to such students.

In Pakistan, they'd probably kill such a blasphemer twice! First the hanging, then the beheading. Praise be to Allah!


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