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Muhammad Madness

Allah Can't Stand Criticism

Dan Shapiro:

The recent UN Human Rights Council draft resolution on "Combating defamation of religions" would make George Orwell roll over in his grave. If adopted by the UN General Assembly, it will give governments around the world unacceptable powers.

Later in the article, he writes:

Individuals have human rights to be protected; ideas, ideologies, religions and states do not.

What a profound concept! Why does such a simple idea have so much trouble penetrating the skulls of Muslims?


Classical Liberal

Because that gives them an excuse for outrage, which they can use to their advantage. The squeeky wheel gets the grease.

Here's a story about an Ismaili doctor accused of blasphemy (by a Sunni, I think) for throwing into the trash a business card of a guy named Mohammed. Mustn't throw out Mo's namesake!

Francis W. Porretto

They're no less aware of that than you or I, Isaac. The pretense-of-offense tactic works very well against us, with our hyper-trophied insistence on "tolerance," even of the intolerable.

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