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What we do know from the history of Islam is that the religion certainly is terroristic and militant. A casual reading of its scriptures shows that it teaches things which would lead otherwise good men to do evil things and gives cover to evil men who want to be regarded as righteous. It's history is marked with constant war and expansion by the sword. Common sense tells us that these things are indictments of the belief system, and it's to the credit of many individual Muslims that they do not practice these things.

The vast majority of Muslims don't have the capacity to practice such things for one simple reason: They are poor. It's difficult for such Muslims to plan and carry out terror attacks. Their time is consumed in living from hand to mouth.

Though, their support for terror, Jihadists, and an Islamic superstate can't be denied. All one has to do is ask them.


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I think your assistant is needed here:

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Typo correction: assistance not assistant

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