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A Bengali in Toronto: Why I support the Facebook ban by Bangladesh (and Pakistan). He offers many reasons for his support:

A single website was banned. There are many ways to communicate to other people. So it's not that freedom of speech was curtailed. There are other social web networks.

This is a very amusing defense. Apparently, banning one of the most popular websites on the planet does not curtail freedom of speech. Precisely how many websites does the Bangladeshi government have to ban before the Toronto Bengali will admit that the Freedom of Speech Rubicon has been crossed is unclear.

Plus, wouldn't the government simply ban other websites or sources where information was provided about the Muhammad cartoons or similar situations? Here is a nation-state of over a 100 million people directly limiting speech within her domain and this guy is openly supporting the action while denying the whole point. Very smooth.

If you have the right to offend, then don't be surprised when people exercise their right to be offended.

Now, I'm offended by such atrocious drivel. Does that mean that the Canadian government would be right in banning his blog? Of course, it's only one blog; it's not like the Canadian government will be curtailing freedom of speech ...

Making fun of Muhammad is illegal in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

True. Though, that's an odd reason for supporting the ban: I support the ban because the government has banned it!

If Facebook was really about "freedom of speech", as they say they are, then it seems they are very selective in their "freedom of speech".

So? Facebook is a company. Bangladesh is a country. If you start a firm in which the entire premises are a No Funny Muhammad Business Zone, then no problem. Hey, it's your own company, your own rules. But to apply the same logic to a nation is asinine. Not only would it limit freedom of speech today but it'll provide cordite for further assaults on free speech in the future.

Of course, one has to first admit that free speech is being crushed to understand the repercussions in the future ...

Making fun of the Prophet is hate speech - to Muslims.

A sample:

Prophet Muhammed, Noah and Jesus were at a religious convention discussing 'the spirititual way forward'. One evening, at the hotel during a break in the proceedings, they decided to go for a swim in the hotel pool. There was no water in the pool. The hotel manager explained 'it's a magic pool. Go to the diving board, wish for what you want in the pool and dive.' Noah goes to the diving board, bounces up and down, and says 'red wine'. The pool fills with red wine and he dives in. Jesus goes, bounces up and down and says 'white wine'. The pool fills with white wine and he dives in. Prophet Muhammed goes, bounces up and down and slips. He screams 'Oh! sh!t.'

Back to the Bengali:

The ban is a non violent protest against Facebook's actions. If companies suffer financially through such actions, in the future they would be mindful of Muslim sensititivies [?] if they want to do business with them.

Yes, Muslims do have such tender sensitive titties sensitivities.

How does one appease crazy people?

In a comment, the Bengali writes:

I actually think we should be FREE to commit blasphemy, after all it is God who will judge and let Him judge in the afterlife on this. In this world and today's society we should allow mockery of the Prophet, because I believe he is above this which SHOULD be borne out by the actions of the Muslims (unfortunately it isn't today).

The Bengali edition of John Kerry: I was for the ban before I was against it.


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