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No Muslim Tolerates

Jihad Watch:

Imran Latif, 22, was accused of burning pages of the Quran in a case registered at Sherakot police station in Lahore and spent five months in jail.

He was released on bail on November 3 after the man who filed the complaint of blasphemy told the court he was not sure that Latif was guilty.

Latif was shot dead a few days later.

Inspector Rafique Ahmed, who is investigating the murder, said Latif's killing was likely linked to the blasphemy case. "No Muslim tolerates a man who commits blasphemous acts," he said.

A mere accusation is enough.

Cornelius in the comments at Jihad Watch:

This is a recurring theme. Back in the 80s, a Pakistani air-force officer converted to Christianity and was imprisoned for the crime of apostasy. Bowing to international pressure, the local court acquitted him, but he was shot outside the courtroom just after his release.

Moral of the story? It's NOT corrupt governments that are the the apologists would have you believe. It is in fact the culture of Islam which instills into the Muslim individual (and the Muslim mob) some potentially very, very dangerous proclivities.

This is why it's practically impossible for a Pakistani government to strike down the blasphemy laws -- there would be an uproar if the state didn't murder people for the offense of insulting, or often merely disagreeing with, Islam.


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