They Lack Power

In Tears

The Daily Mail:

Yesterday, I drove out of a car park in ­Kensington, London, to find the power-steering on my BMW had gone. The car wouldn’t move.

So very sad.

Next to me was a building site full of men in fluoro ­jackets standing doing ­nothing. They could see my distress when I began ­peering under the bonnet. I got back in the car, and on my mobile phone to call the BMW breakdown ­service to get the vehicle recovered. I was in tears. Still no one ­bothered to help.

Poor girl.

As Top Gear’s James May said this week, young men have lost their masculinity, in that they can no longer fix things. And this loss of manners is far worse.

Young working British men: you should be ashamed.

Vox Popoli has an eloquent reply:

I am confident that I speak for many, if not most of the men of my generation in my instinctive response to this woman's petulant demand that men be at her beck and call: F--- you and fix it yourself, Ms Strong Independent Woman. It's not my problem.




She whines to the newspapers. Telling, isn't it. My husband and I stopped along a busy highway to help a group of people whose car was on fire. We piled them into our car and took them wherever they wanted to go. When the father tried to give my husband money, my husband declined. The father almost became angry at my husband's rejection. They were Arabs. I knew nothing of Muslim sensibilities or culture back in 2000. Now I wonder if I would stop to help a Muslim if his car was broken down. Isn't that sad?


As a by-stander, given the complexity of a modern car, I would hesitate to offer any aid directed at the car.

As an owner, given the complexity of a modern car, I would hesitate to accept unsolicited aid.

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