How Taxes Destroy

The Cost of Fun

Vox Popoli:

Madonna/Whore is more than a male psychological complex, it is also a significant life choice that women have to make regardless of whether they are consciously aware of making it or not. There are exceptions, of course, as there must be in applying a binary principle to a population of 150 million, but in general, if a young woman has reason to believe she has a reasonable shot at attracting an alpha with whom to settle down, she has to forgo the short-term option of spending four to twelve years riding the alpha carousel if she wants to marry one.


Far too many young, single women are not happy with what they have. Their hearts desire more! Someone more attractive; someone a few inches taller or, er, bigger; someone who possesses a higher credit limit; someone who drives a "good" car; someone who votes the right way; someone who appreciates nature ...

In the end, they're left with bitchy cats.


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