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A lot of good material here. The sweep of economic and political history is simultaneously grand and asinine. I'll take on the following point:

social security is nothing but the idea that none of our old people — people who have worked all their lives — should actually starve to death. Not only that, but social security is largely paid for by the same people it benefits: the working class and lower professional-managerial class. Why should anyone even mildly dislike, much less hate social security? Does this faction just hate old people with the same intensity that they hate blacks, women and gays?

Don't forget midgets. The capitalist class hates them the most. And don't even get me started on those female, lesbian, midgets who just happen to be black. I don't think they even exist anymore since the capitalist class wiped them all out!

The US government takes away a sizable chunk of everyone's income and promises (ha!) to provide an income in retirement. A small problem: The government doesn't save or put away your money when it confiscates it from you; the government spends it.

Now, fifty, sixty years ago, this wasn't much of an issue. A lot of people paid into social security and relatively few collected social security. Today, the greatest Ponzi scheme ever is now hitting the wall.

Cost of social security from the years past.

1950 - < $1 billion
1960 - $11.2 billion
1970 - $31.8 billion
1980 - $120.5 billion
1990 - $247.8 billion
2000 - $407.6 billion
2008 - $615.3 billion

In a recent month, the social security revenue collected by the federal government wasn't enough to cover the social security payments. The US government had to borrow cash! All that money -- trillions of dollars stolen from Americans over many years -- is gone.

This maybe, just maybe, why some people mildly dislike social security.

Isn't it strange: those who support social security are rooting for a totalitarian system that is not fiscally viable and will fall apart and do tremendous damage not to a few individuals but to an entire society. The road to hell is paved with ...

I'm a communist, but I'm not stupid

But, of course.


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