Disobedience = Death
"Pakistan is threatening my border!"

The Guilt Opera

Theo Hobson:

There is really no excuse for failing to feel liberal guilt about global warming. No excuse. It is a fact that our affluent lifestyles are endangering the planet, to some maddeningly unknown degree. What is wrong with someone who is not made uneasy by this? What is wrong with someone who affects (or, worse, genuinely feels) indifference to this fact, and sneers at the muddled, hesitant, hypocritical responses of the conscience-pricked rest of us? Of course we don't know if cutting down on meat will really help things, and make future flooding of distant lands less likely. But those farting cows are a problem, and maybe one should sponsor slightly fewer of them.

No way! What the world needs is more delicious, preferably BBQ-ed, meat.

After reading this nonsense about less meat, less material, less consumption for many years, I now feel extra giddy when I cut a steak, buy computer hardware, or spend sizable amounts of cash. It's like libertarian euphoria -- the healthy opposite of liberal guilt.

Link via David Thompson.



Oh Isaac, Isaac - I can see you being pursued by a raging lynching mob of Greens somewhere in the woods of Canada.

Well, at least they will use only environmentally friendly tools - sticks and stones. And burning could be safely dismissed, since it adds CO2 to the atmosphere ;-)

Francis W. Porretto

Pork, I say! Steak is a half-measure. Go for the gusto! Barbecued pulled pork slathered with Jack Daniels's barbecue sauce, piled high and steaming on a Kaiser roll! With chips and sweet pickles and plenty of napkins!

More! More!

[Some years ago, I lived in a house where one guy had a BBQ grill. He loved pork chops. Another housemate liked chicken. I'm a New York steak fan. So, we'd buy all the meats and sear 'em! Add some garlic bread, feta cheese, tomatoes and pop ... mmm. -- Isaac S.]

Classical Liberal

Hell, I like chili dogs.

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