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Photoshop: Return of the Burqa

I showcased the picture below five years ago.

Burqa over Beauty

Look closely, you'll notice that the beauties have magic clothes on their bodies -- thanks to the editors of a Pakistani weekly magazine.

Now comes a hilarious example from the belly of the beast itself: the land of Saud. Ladies and gentlemen, it's the never before seen (and never ever shot!) photos of Mariah Carey.

My personal favorite is the uber-fluffy, er, cat.

Oh I wish I had a camera when I was in Saudi Arabia. I could have made an encyclopedia of photoshopped burqas.


Classical Liberal

Many years ago when I was in Morocco I noticed the same thing on the cover photo of Madonna's "Like a Virgin." A lacy shawl had been photoshopped in (actually, it probably wasn't actually photoshop back in those days) to make Madonna appear somewhat more "virginal."

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