Making Hot Look Cool
How Misery is Created


Oh, I've been waiting for this word to pop up with the recent Pakistan cricket spot fixing allegations.


There always has been, there is right now, and there always will be a conspiracy against the oh-so-innocent Pakistanis. Sometimes it's the Jews and sometimes it's Englishmen -- their former masters. But we can be sure that it's some bloody infidels who just won't leave those peaceful Pakistanis alone!

So, finally the word was vomited out. What is stunning is the fact that the chairman of the cricket board in Pakistan is spouting this nonsense.

In an extraordinary outburst, PCB chairman Ijaz Butt has pointed a finger at the English cricketers for their role in the batting collapse that cost England the ODI at Oval and said the board was investigating a conspiracy, involving "august cricket bodies", to defraud Pakistan and Pakistan cricket.

Let's get this straight:

  1. The English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) arranges cricket matches for Pakistan in England and shares revenue with the Pakistan Cricket Board. Why? Because cricket for foreigners in Pakistan can become a life or death sport.
  2. A newspaper alleges that some Pakistani players took money and then played some games in a very specific manner. This might or might not change the outcome of a game but still this behavior ought to be punished.
  3. A few Pakistani players are suspended by the International Cricket Council on the basis of the allegations -- not a smart move.
  4. The chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board decides to retaliate by ... lobbing a firebomb at the ECB and its players!

The only cricket board that has financially helped Pakistan gets told that it's players are rotten cheaters by the top cricket official in Pakistan. Yet, they have done absolutely nothing to invite such animosity!

If the darkest day in Pakistan's cricket actually does come, and talk of giving Pakistan a temporary break becomes reality, it will not be the result of any conspiracy. It will be the result of the worst administration ever to have run cricket in this land.


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