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Investigators will focus on the currency notes handed over by the News Of The World (NOTW) to Mazhar Majeed as they look for evidence of spot fixing in the Lord's Test involving Pakistani cricketers. Majeed was arrested by Scotland Yard on Saturday night and the investigators will try and determine if the currency notes bear resemblance to those found in the hotel rooms of several Pakistani players.

Pakistan suffered their worst defeat in history in the most recent match. If these allegations are true, then the Pakistani team is rotten to the core. How sad, for they truly have the most talented and thus entertaining bowling attack on Earth.

There's more:

As disclosed by the NOTW, Majeed allegedly said that Sydney was the last instance where he was involved in fixing a match. "Let me tell you the last Test we did. It was the second Test against Australia in Sydney," he told the undercover reporter. "Australia had two more wickets left. They had a lead of 10 runs, yeah. And Pakistan had all their wickets remaining. The odds for Pakistan to lose that match, for Australia to win that match, were I think 40 to 1.

"We let them get up to 150 then everyone lost their wickets," Majeed revealed. ''That one we made £1.3 [million]. But that's what I mean, you can get up to a million. Tests is where the biggest money is because those situations arise.''

If any cricket match was rigged, then that game against Australia is it. Pakistan lost that Test in a most bizarre fashion. They let Australia build a lead of 175 runs and then shockingly crumbled at the finishing line. As reported, as many as 7 out of the 11 players in the team were taking their orders from the bookies.


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