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Humanity Denied

The Express Tribune via Jihad Watch:

Khan alleged that 200 families, who have been displaced from Basti Rindan and Basti Sohrani by flooding, took shelter in a state-run school at Jhok Utra but within days the local administration forced them to leave the school. He said the local administration later told them that people from the surrounding areas did not want the Ahmadis in the relief camp. And that the administration could not allow them to stay at the camp as it could create a law and order situation.

Why aren't the Ahmadis worthy of shelter? Because they're not considered to be Muslims by the non-Ahmadi majority. Even in the midst of devastation and chaos, Muslims have little pity for a tiny, poor, powerless - and in their eyes infidel - sect.

Of course, this hasn't stopped these model citizens from taking money and supplies from evil infidels around the world.


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