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Riding The Carousel

News of the world:

The university-educated brunette longed to be as confident in bed as Sex And The City maneater Samantha.

So she set herself a 10-year challenge - to get a thousand notches on her bedpost.

I'm sure she oozes confidence now.

Last month she bedded her Mr 1,000th at a friend's party. "He was gorgeous, blond and fantastic in bed."

Now the challenge is over Christina does have regrets. "Good friends stuck by me but others accused me of being a slut. I took things too far. Now all I want to do is settle down. I just hope I haven't put men off."

Mr. 1001 is going to be one lucky bloke!


Classical Liberal

"I'm sure she oozes confidence now." Dare I say it? Yes, I do...I'm sure something is oozing. I've never heard it refered to as "confidence" though.

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