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One Avada Kedavra Coming Up

Just horrible:

A Harry Potter actress whose father and brother are accused of threatening to kill her has pleaded with the courts to drop the charges.

The whole situation is convoluted.

They live in a society with infidel laws. Azad, the actress, loved the Harry Potter books which were written by an infidel. She got involved with the movies where she worked with dozens of infidels. She got paid with money which, I'm sure the parents thought, was so infidelicious.

Now, after being in the company of so many infidels, Azad wants to date one. Instead of asking this adult woman to reconsider her choice, her brother and father go Achmed the Terrorist on her: I KILL YOU!

Why is Azad defending the people who wanted to end her? And why of all places in a free society where she can comfortably survive without them?

I just don't understand women.


Francis W. Porretto

My dear Isaac, if you were to announce -- verifiably, of course -- that you have come to understand women, you would immediately be awarded three Nobel Prizes plus free McDonald's Quarter Pounders for life.

There are some achievements to which it is truly hubris to aspire.

[You're correct. I've to keep my pride in check. Though, Quarter Pounders for life does sound good. -- Isaac S.]


This is a phenomenon peculiar to women, and I am speaking as a woman. I have taught my children, all girls, that under no circumstances are they to allow themselves to be treated like a punching bag, a toilet or a doormat. Needless to say, their boyfriends have feared them exponentially.


I got you some Infedelicious, Isaac, my friend!



Hey, Isaac, it appears that it is only the barrister representing her father and brother who is making this claim. She has not publicly rescinded the charge. I hope for her sake that she doesn't.

Classical Liberal

Loved Conan the Barbarian the Musical! ( Now Crom is the kind of god that could enthuse me (heh, heh, who can guess the double entendre?). He doesn't demand anything of you except to never quit or be cowardly. It's not expected that you would pray to him since he doesn't listen anyway, and his only gift to his followers is the inner fortitude to keep on. Plus, if someone from another faith tries to proslytize me I can just ask him "Hey, do YOU know the Riddle of Steel?"

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