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Code Monkey Ramblings:

What a lot of conservatives miss about mainstream liberalism is that it is the epitome of a system built on unsustainable contradictions.

True. An example:

It is highly intolerant toward intolerance and is often willing to eschew science altogether when scientific inquiry might reveal truths about the human condition that are staggeringly illiberal (like undermining or even destroying egalitarianism and demonstrating conclusively that men and woman are mentally wired very different).

It's so odd to hear people, who're often decades older than me, say that men and women are equal. Didn't these people have brothers or sisters? Didn't they notice just how different boys and girls and later men and women behave?

Though, it could be worse. One time, a co-worker of mine offered her opinion: Women are superior! I couldn't resist a reply. More back and forth followed. I'll write in detail about it soon.


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