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As many readers may be aware, today there has been a terrible pair of attacks on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore, by gunman armed with grenades and automatic weapons. As of now about 70 people have been killed.


That last detail is distressing: there were specific warnings published in a local newspaper? And the authorities still didn’t see fit to send in police to guard the mosques? Granted, if these guys were anything like the militants in the Mumbai attacks, even armed police may not have posed a significant deterrant. But still: it seems like a malicious kind of negligence to have left these folks to fend for themselves.

The life of a "non-Muslim" has little value in that part of the world. If anything, they're actively discriminated against. Just two examples that I've heard from Ahmadi relatives:

  1. Rabwa, a city in Pakistan, is famous for its dense Ahmadi population. Sometimes, mysteriously, parts of the city lose electricity for many days. Either the authorities are causing the blackouts or they're consciously lazy in fixing the problem.
  2. Ahmadis are not allowed to be buried in the same graveyards as Muslims. When people find out that an occupant of a Muslim grave is an Ahmadi, they dig the bones and throw them out like garbage. Even in death some do not find peace.

Lastly, read the screenshot of a Pakistani passport here -- Ahmadi discrimination is an integral part of the system.

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