Jew-Hatred is in the DNA of Islam
The Best T20I Ever

Jew-Hatred is in the DNA of Islam II

Eternity Road:

Islam's hatred is not confined solely to the Jews. Muslims are taught from infancy to hate and shun anyone who isn't a Muslim. Such a person is regarded as innately "unclean," such that even a brushing contact with him could doom a Muslim to Hell unless he's rapidly and thoroughly "purified." Thus, Christians, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, and the like are, in the Islamic view, indistinguishable from pigs.

No wonder we're not allowed to handle a Qur'an. One and a third billion people hold to this insane creed, whose "sacred scriptures" condemn all the rest of us to dhimmitude (or worse) on Earth and Hell in the afterlife. The Muslim who dares to dissent from any of it is considered to have committed zandaka -- heresy -- and is under automatic sentence of death.


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