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Legal Alien Suffering

Mwalimu Daudi, an Instapundit reader, sends in a miserable story about legal immigration. After providing the relevant text, Prof. Reynolds asks:

Why is it that the Big Government party is so eager to make people who actually obey the law feel like suckers, anyway?

They simply appeal to the irresponsible.

Can't pay your insane mortgage?

Don't worry, the government will give you money!

Have a kid but the father is outside the picture?

Don't worry, the government will be the daddy!

Crossed the US border without bothering with all the asinine paperwork?

Don't worry, the government treats the future beggars-voters quite well!

And so on.

Another thing: The processing time for immigrant applications is spectacular. I filled out the application for Canadian citizenship last year. I provided all the relevant information, documents and the fee. It took Immigration Canada five months to tell me that I had submitted everything properly.

From then on, it would take a further 12+ months for them to provide or deny me citizenship; assuming, of course, that they don't misplace my application.


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