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Continuing with the theme from yesterday's post, today we have this:

How The Light Gets In gives 56 different men the opportunity to speak. It offers the same opportunity to just 11 women. Alongside the talks are evening events featuring a well-chosen and original roster of musicians, DJs and comedians. The gender balance here is markedly better. Did two different people organise these two sides of the festival? Perhaps women are considered fine as light entertainment, but unnecessary when it comes to the serious stuff.

We no longer live in an age where female thinkers, writers, philosophers, academics, artists, theorists, activists or politicians are rare. The discrimination is obvious. All you have to do is count.

David Thompson writes:

Because anything but exact gender parity in any given sphere must, simply must, be proof of “cultural femicide” and “the erasure of women from public life.” It’s obvious, see? Thank goodness we can count on Bidisha to fight back.

Of course. Women in the US have more jobs than men, yet it is men who are at the receiving end of over 90% of work-related deaths. Proof positive of the super-secret, evil matriarchy.

Read the rest. Thompson does an excellent job of destroying the 1:1 gender ratio nonsense parroted by feminists.


Mike T

Those of us not prone to sodomizing the English language with a broken beer bottles tend to pick up on nuances like "cide" and get disgusted with this abuse of our language. I would advocate the collective annihilation by immolation of all of the works of Sociology were it not for the fact that the amount of CO2 generated from that might actually be enough to be the first, unequivocal, step man takes toward demonstrably causing global warming.

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