S. R. Tendulkar
Crazy Women

Confused and Unpleasant

A few women at my work were upset about the upcoming prom for their kids. You see, they had received a tip sheet from the school about appropriate behavior before, during and after the prom for the kids.

One tip was that it's usually agreed to share the cost of the limo and other amenities during the prom night. One woman said in a huff, "You know I'm a feminist but a guy better pay for that!"

Because some people are more equal than others.

Another tip was for a guy to open the door of the limo and allow the lady to enter first. Another woman burst out, "That's sexist. If I was going out with a guy and he opened the door of a car for me, I'd punch him!"

Of all the things a woman could hit a guy for! It's amazing to hear the opinions of such women. They've grown up in Western culture and their idea of sexism is male chivalry. There are girls in Asia whose parents refuse to provide education for them and limit their lives to the confines of their residence. Why? Because they're not lucky to be born a male. Then they get married off, often, to a complete, uncaring stranger.

And so it goes on for these miserable souls.

Back to Canada: How utterly perplexing for guys to live among these feminist creatures.

Don't open the car door for your female date.

Possible Reaction: What a jerk!

Open the car door for your female date.

Possible Reaction: POW!

Can anyone make sense of this?


Classical Liberal

The sensible thing to do is to simply not date women like that! Ever!!

Francis W. Porretto

Feminism, like all victimist creeds, bases its power in the double-bind: setting things up so that the man is always in the wrong, and therefore can never say to himself that he's guilt-free.

A man's only countermeasure is the "Take me or leave me as I am, and be damned to you either way" attitude that constitutes genuine self-respect.

Mike T

No matter what anyone might say, neither the US nor Canada practice gender equality. It's all about female privilege. If a woman wants to punch you for acting chivalrous, chances are good that no cop will charge her with criminal assault outside of an edge case like she breaks your glasses right into your eye.

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