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Addicted To Sex

Ann Althouse:

Is "sex addiction" one of these things that's going to be treated under the new health care regime, even as Medicare patients are given pain pills in lieu of hip replacements and heart valves?

Quite possible. I have no doubt some resources would also go towards, er, cosmetic surgeries.

Anyway, the comments there are excellent.

From Robin, a lengthy excerpt:

Many women don't realize how much men crave sex: if the sex isn't happening, the man feels there's something deeply wrong in the relationship -- and he won't feel any emotional closeness with her. And many men don't realize how much women crave emotional closeness: the emotional/relational intimacy isn't happening, she feels there's something deeply wrong and doesn't (usually) want sex.

This results all too often in a vicious circle of two lonely people craving what they aren't getting, and lashing out at each other for failing to give it. She nags all the time, he's a selfish bastard who only uses me for sex, whatever.

Basically, the line about "men give love to get sex, and women give sex to get love" has a lot of truth in it. Mix in large quantities of selfishness, and you get a recipe for disaster.

Robin provides an elegant solution for breaking this vicious cycle.


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