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A Danish newspaper has apologized for recently re-printing the cartoon of doom.


Diana West fisks the appeasing language of said newspaper.

Link via Mark Steyn:

During my difficulties with the Canadian Islamic Congress, some leftie commentator would occasionally wonder how it came about that some rightwing loudmouth like Steyn got to appoint himself the champion of free speech. Well, that's because, as Politiken's weaselly "settlement" makes plain, when it comes to upholding bedrock principles of liberty before their avowed enemies, the nancy boys of the left fold like a cheap Bedouin tent.



Mike T

The irony is that it will be those who right wingers who "cling to their guns and religion" who will ultimately end up purging the West of the Islamic threat and making it safe for the very women and homosexuals who welcome the Muslims in a spirit of "tolerance."

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