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Those "women are now realizing that they want to be at home" articles have been coming out like clockwork at least since the '80's. I clicked through and started reading that article but I stopped b/c as near as I can tell it was mostly copy-and-pasted from a million before it.

The fact is that lots of women work to put food on the table and it's pointless to even ask if that's what they want to do, b/c the alternative is to starve. I think about my grandmothers, living on farms in Mississippi. One had seven children and the other, eight. If anyone had asked either of them if she felt liberated by being out in the fields all day, she'd have thought they'd lost their mind. But somehow it's a crisis now if a woman feels that she has to choose between a 9 - 5 job and her kids being in a comfortable child-centered daycare, and being at home and going without things she needs or wants. Welcome to the human condition.

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