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No Love for Infidel Brother

Compass Direct News via Jihad Watch:

The four older Muslim brothers of a 26-year-old Christian beat him unconscious here earlier this month because he refused their enticements to convert to Islam, the victim told Compass.

Utterly horrific. His own family wants to shed his blood. They were Christians once; now they want to kill their brother because he refuses their death-cult.

The victim:

said Akram-Ullah and his brothers offered him 1 million rupees (US$11,790), a spacious residence and a woman of his choice to marry in order to lure him to Islam, but he declined.

May he be protected.



Whenever I hear people say that Christians should make sham conversions just to keep out of trouble, I will think of this story.
It just isn't possible.

Mike T

Once you renounce Christ as an adult, you can't go back. The Bible says that quite clearly in Hebrews 6. As much as he may be hurt, hopefully he will gain some solace in the knowledge that they hate him for who he serves and instead pity them if they made the decision to renounce Christ as adults.

Classical Liberal

I think the contrast between early Christianity and early Islam is interesting. As I understand it, Muslims who were facing persecution for their faith were encouraged to practice taqqiya (sp?). Christians who were persecuted for their faith were expected to not deny their faith but to be martyrs.

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