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Girl On Girl: Dating Women Makes Me Sympathize With Men:

I’ll be the first to admit that we women are strange creatures. Being a girl makes it a tad easier to understand my female friends and colleagues. However, this rule does not hold when it comes to having a girlfriend. Sadly, being a woman and dating women does not give me as much of an advantage as I had hoped. I can only imagine how difficult it is for dudes – like learning a foreign language that changes constantly. You have to interpret long sighs and furtive glances, remember obscure dates and deal with the inevitable “everything’s fine.” I, at least, speak the language. Sort of.

The fault lies squarely with, of course, the PatriarchyTM.

Link via Instapundit.


Mike T
Women are not, as the cliché goes, delicate flowers but dense rose bushes.

Heh, sometimes it really takes a woman to speak the truth about women.


I've had to learn to say, straight out, "I'm in a bad mood and it's nothing to do with you. Leave me alone and I'll get over it." It's extremely annoying to have somebody bug the crap out of you with "what's wrong" and "what's bothering you" when whatever it is has absolutely nothing to do with them. And then if you do answer, with some story about what happened on your job that day, you get tuned out because - hello - it's not about them. It actually is tempting to come up with some little trivial something that you're mad about, just to get that person off your back.

Occasional conversation at my house:
Husband: "You're awful quiet today."
Me: "Count your blessings."

I guess that if I were to give advice to a man who is convinced that his woman is mad at him and won't tell him why, I'd suggest that he tell her that if whatever it is is something he can fix, he assumes she'll tell him, and otherwise he'll assume that it's not anything to do with him. And then leave her alone about it. That ought to encourage her to speak up if he's right, and avoid creating a new problem if he's not.

I've yet to meet the man who does not feel fully entitled to every bad mood he feels he wants to have.

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