Obama: The Scoundrel-in-Chief?

So Very Disappointing

Someone left a comment:

its easy to hate pakistan but what about the millions of liberals who still live there?ur claiming political asylum huh u right wing christian bigot...its people like you who r the bane of pakistan..only difference is they pray 5 times a day n call themselves muslims..btw i knw if u were white ud jus love to put on a pointy white hood n cloak.

I really thought that by the end I'd be compared to the Nazis but instead I'm only at the diet Coke level of evil. Sigh.


Classical Liberal

I prefer Diet Pepsi.


Don't you just love the jerks who use that SMS style in comments (this besides the message itself)?

siddharth sreenivas

well mr.schrodinger im the 'jerk' who posted the earlier comment.now let me clear some things up.i am NOT pakistani.im an indian.and a hindu.but i am definitely someone who feels that the rot within any society should be cleaned up internally.that it is up to every citizen of a nation to work for reforms in their nation.its easy to criticize pakistan but pls do tell me what uve done to 'educate' them..are you a writer whose words reach the masses of pakistan??u cater to a niche audience(not even ur country men) which in its own way preaches hatred..hatred in the sense that it makes you look down upon a nation of 150 million people.why blame a whole nation for the misguided actions of a minority?i empathize wholly with the millions of pakistanis who just want to get on with their lives and find peace and success..the middle class dream is no different the world over..

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