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Do's and Don'ts for Women

Vox Popoli thinks that The Rules don't work. He presents a few of his own guidelines for women. For example:

Men don't love drama. We don't watch it, we don't read it, we don't play it, and we certainly don't want to live it. The less you can create, the better. If you crave excitement, go jump out of an airplane or find a way to test your skills against others. It works fine for us.


Above all, don't try to be a mother. He survived without you before so he knows he can survive just fine without you now. There are plenty of girls on the girl tree and moreover, there is nothing less sexually attractive to the psychosexually normal adult male than a woman playing Mommy. Men find it aggravating, irritating, and emasculating to have a woman attempting to order them about like a child. And note that silent toleration does not indicate acceptance.

This applies to women whom one is not even dating. I tolerate many, er, motherly figures at my workplace.



I wonder what rules for men would look like.

How to attract and please a good woman.

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