The "Vast Experience" of Obama

Is Cool To Trash Men

Jessica Ashley:

I am not going to opine about whether Elin should or should not stick with her husband (although early reports are saying she's planning to stand by him, after a revision of the prenup). Instead, I say that she should do whatever it is she has to do. If that is taking the tool of her husband's trade to smash the window of his Cadillac Escalade, so be it.

Dr. Helen:

So my question to this proponent of violence against men is this: Given that women's marital infidelity is approaching that of men (who are catting around just like Tiger), should their husbands feel free to take the tool of his wife's trade and smash in her car and perhaps her face? Because that is what you are advocating. Cheaters get beaten and their property trashed. I don't agree.

Or maybe what you are really saying is that you are for female privilege.

Again that damn Patriarchy!



Isaac, here's my thought.

It's reported by more than one of these women that Tiger didn't want to wear condoms. Also, one is a porn star and none of them have any credible claim to exclusivity. And I'd be shocked if the ten reported so far are it.

So he was exposing himself to whatever each and every one of them had been exposed to, and exposed Elin in turn; before and during her pregnancies. Potentially risking infecting her and their unborn children to everything from syphilis to herpes to gonorrhea to HPV to chlamydia to HIV.

Her babies could easily have AIDS right now, due to his behavior.

When I really think about that, a golf club to a car window kind of pales in comparison.

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