Cloak Not Needed

Am I A Racist For Hating Blue "People"?

In a review of Avatar, we get this interesting bit:

Yeah, people in the hinterlands can prance around with a camcorder taping car bombs and beheadings, but for real eye-popping entertainment, you have to spend $500 million in petrochemically-powered Anglosphere computation (produced in London, LA, Montreal, and New Zealand) and release your 3D movie everywhere on Earth simultaneously (except for Argentina, China, Italy, and Uruguay). Between Steve Jobs, Page and Brin (the guys at Google), Burt Rutan, and James Cameron, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s grabbing the world’s tech-culture high ground from the US anytime soon. One way or the other, all your base are belong to us.

Infidels are too good. Or as Russell Peters would say, "Infidels are mind-blasting!"



There is so much to learn and your diligence in doing whatever it takes for us parents is much appreciated!
Thanks to you and all you do!

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