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Classical Liberal provides this link in a previous post:

The trailer for 2012 plays like a highlight reel of civilization falling apart all over the world, but it's religion that gets the brunt of Emmerich's digital pounding: A Buddhist temple gets hit by a tidal wave. The Sistine Chapel crumbles to pieces as a split tears right down the middle of Michelangeo's painting of God touching Adam's finger. St. Peter's Basilica rolls over onto a crowd of devoted worshipers. Rio de Janeiro's iconic Christ the Reedemer statue falls to earth as its wracked by shockwaves. The White House is even crushed by, of all things, an aircraft carrier. But eagle eyed fans of watching organized religion get its disaster porn comeuppance will have noticed that there are no Islamic landmarks on the CGI chopping block.

Westerners won't even show a CGI Kaaba going down in flames -- which alone would be worth the price of the ticket -- and yet vast majorities of Muslims in Arabia and Pakistan celebrated when iconic buildings were annihilated and thousands of souls extinguished on that day in 2001. One side doesn't even want to offend the other while the other seeks joy in the slaughter of its opponent.


Mike T

Problem is that most people in the US wouldn't have any idea what it was unless the movie was like "hey guys... like the holiest symbol of Islam went down and junk!"

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