Chicago is ... What!?
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John Register

It begs the question to refer to the out-and-out falsehoods, exaggerations, and general trash being fed to the ignorant public about the Health Care issue by "Business" through the Republican Party as "just Politics". No, it is not something that should be casually referred to by such an innocuous term. It is dishonorable; disreputable; and in many cases downright treasonous and in an earlier time would have had many members of both houses of our Congress facing each other at paces on a Field of Honor! One thing that can be said for the Napoleanic Code is that it did make our politicians a little more careful with their libelous accusations, re. the Burr, Hamilton affair. The biggest problem that I could see in returning to this method of political discourse lies in the facts that (a) most of our current "crop" of "Conservative" politicians would probably shoot themselves in the foot, rather than their opponent, and (b) virtually our entire "crop" of Conservative politicians have absolutely no idea what "Honor" is!!

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