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"The Utter Failure of Feminism"

So writes a reader of Vox Popoli.

SS is clearly an elite and exceptional example, but she is nevertheless describing the sad reality for far too many women of my generation. They are smart, educated, and successful, and yet, regardless of whether one looks at them from a traditional perspective or a secular evolutionary one, they are failures as women. Now, this is not to say that a woman should not be permitted to choose a path as an evolutionary dead end who primarily contributes to society by creating Powerpoint demonstrations, reading celebrity magazines, and raising felines. We all possess the inherent right to go to Hell - or if you prefer, Oblivion - in our own particular way.

So very true.

In response to the comment below: I didn't mention nor imply that women should "turn off" their brain. Do you actually think that motherhood is synonymous with that? In addition, they don't "solely" have to be homemakers. The women who wrote in above has a degree in a hard science. She came to a realization that her education pales in comparison to her need for motherhood. Hopefully, her life won't "solely" revolve around her future child but it will certainly be more fulfilling.



You're joking, right? Please tell me that you're not really suggesting that the only way for a woman to not be a "failure" is to turn off her brain and serve solely as a set of tits and a cunt.

Mike T

I don't see why anyone who has adequate reading comprehension skills would be upset by that comment. From a secular, evolutionary point of view a life form's primary metric for success in life is reproduction. That is high school biology right there.

is to turn off her brain and serve solely as a set of tits and a cunt.

How many women have careers that actually require them to really use their brain?

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