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Cafe Alpha

Sigh, I don't even want to waste time arguing with you, but you haven't a clue.

There is already horrific rationing of health care even if you have insurance, unless you're so wealthy you don't need insurance and pay so much money for it that you could do without insurance, probably.

Even our best HMOs are so bad as to be almost fraudulent. You'll find out when it's too late and you watch your grandparents die a few years earlier than they should etc. etc., like I did. You'll find out you watch incompetently an incompetently run hospital lose track of your loved one and [hopefully] come short of killing her, as happened with my step mom when she had a miscarriage at a Kaiser run hospital (and don't tell me I'm paranoid, my step mom is a doctor, she knows what happened to her). You'll find out if you or anyone you know needs a specialist or an expensive treatment that you have to fight the bureaucracy now, just as if it was a government agency. You need outside doctors now, and lawyers now if you want to get the best treatment.

And don't even ask me about what happens to really poor people like my friend who may die of cancer because on medical they delayed his treatment till his tumor metastasized.

Cafe Alpha

My dad had to run around the hospital and find a doctor and drag him back to the room where they had forgotten my step mom.. otherwise she'd be dead...

My grandmother died a year or two earlier than she could have because they decided, awfully early, to deny her medicine. The excuse was that that dying of kidney failure was much easier than dying of having her lungs fill with fluid, but she was probably a year or two away from that being the choice, she could breath fairly well. But they were at the point where she would need a nurse to monitor her all the time and who want's to spend money,eh?

And that's not the government, that's an HMO, that's Kaiser, which is the highest rated HMO. The others are mere bandaids for poor people. Something we can all pretend are real insurance, while rich people have real coverage.

Don't tell me the choice is between good coverage and rationing. Most people already live with rationing and 3rd world standard care.

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