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Jihad Against Jihad?

Tambi Dude sent me this link today:

In the fall of 2007, Islamists set up a stand at Toronto's annual Word on the Street book festival where they distributed a free booklet titled Towards Understanding Islam, written by Mr. Maudoodi. In the booklet, Mr. Maudoodi exhorts ordinary Muslims to launch jihad, as in armed struggle, against non-Muslims.

"Jihad is part of this overall defence of Islam," he writes. In case the reader is left with any doubt about the meaning of the word "jihad," Mr. Maudoodi clarifies: "In the language of the Divine Law, this word [jihad] is used specifically for the war that is waged solely in the name of God against those who perpetrate oppression as enemies of Islam. This supreme sacrifice is the responsibility of all Muslims."

One of the comments there:

To abandon jihad means to abandon Islam. Islam without Jihad is like tiger without its teeth. The only way to abandon jihad is to abandon islam, which is what I have done. I am sure Tarek must have also done the same, but since no muslim can say that in public without the risk of seeing his head on the floor, he is talking in coded languagge.

Can't argue with that. One finds clear and concise language here but only under the cloak of anonymity. 


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