Depression in England
The Deflated One

Choosing Misery

Vox Popoli:

I've always said that men won the Sexual Revolution. Reading Dowd's column, I'm not sure what is funnier. Is it the fact that feminism has made women less happy or the fact that so many women will still cling to the "gains" that are making them miserable?

Last summer I was having lunch with a couple of ladies at my workplace and the conversation turned to happiness. One of them simply asked, "Are you happy?"

I said, "Yes."

"Why do you think that?"

"Well, I look at the past few years. Each one has been better than the last. I've graduated, got a stable job and I'm able to live in the Western world. There is little reason to be unhappy."

There was no reply from the ladies. I, of course, asked, "What about both of you? Are you happy?"

They both said, "No." They didn't elaborate even when I asked for the reasons. One was married with kids, the other was single. It was quite a sad spectacle. They live at the apex of comfort and safety, yet are going through life in a glum state.

I wonder why.



I also find it funny, that feminists, having put down motherhood, marriage and replaced them with careers, are miserable...for the most part. Those feminists who came to power and govern, rule like shrewish meddlesome mothers, and they pass legislation which reflects this aspect which they can't seem to shrug off.

Mike T

Because they're bored and overloaded. No one ever told that that once they have it all, they must maintain it. Their lives would be less stressful and more exciting if they divided the labor evenly through a stay at home arrangement.

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