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Paper Selling Institution Sued

Life has not been kind to recent college and university graduates. One of them has decided to sue her college because she can't find a job.

If I had to guess, I would say that like most women who come out of these programs, she has little to no personal interest in any of the subjects she studied. If she did, then she would have at least one solid Oracle or Cisco certification which would have already helped her get a job. Companies pay good money for employees with those skills. She probably looks good in a suit and knows how to ingratiate herself in an office environment, but not how to actually handle an Oracle server, a Cisco router or write code in any programming language (she probably forgot the C++ she was taught in her first year or two by the time she graduated from her undergrad).

That's possible.


Mike T

I can pretty much guarantee you right now that if she had gotten a CCNA or an Oracle cert, she'd have a job right now. With a degree and cert in one of those fields (where certs mean something), it'd be a non-issue.

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